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Stormtrooper Undersuits

Superhero/comic book characters are copyrighted. It is not legal to commercially reproduce costumes for these characters without a license granted from the copyright holder. We do not possess any such licenses. Therefore, we cannot make Superman, Spiderman, Batman, or any other such copyrighted costumes. You can bet, if you saw it in a comic book or on-line, its copyrighted.

However, is it not illegal for you to pony up your own superhero costume, as long as you do not wear it for promotional purposes, (such as for store openings, or to wear for paid entertainment). We can make you generic unitards, leotards, and tights, with some custom pattern work, that you can adapt to make your favorite superhero costumes by adding insignia, belts, gloves, etc.

If you have questions about how you can use our dancewear to put together your own superhero costume, Email Us. If you have a superhero design of your own, or you are ordering on behalf of a costume shop which has received a corporate commission for a "walkaround" character that does not require that we possess a license to make it, we can make all the "stretchy" parts for you. We have made many such fine characters (like "The Webster", the "Raid/Off" guy, the "911" guy, panthers, snow leopards), for individuals, shops, and advertisers around the country.

Can you make this? (insert custom garment of your choice here).

Probably. We can make just about anything that stretches. If it deviates much from our basic styles, we will probably need to see a drawing or sketch of what you want in order to quote a price. See below for tips on conveying your idea(s) to us.

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