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Mission Statement
The purpose of this column is to answer questions Renaissance Herald readers have concerning period attire. Ren. Herald readers and also RD Web Page Readers are invited to send questions to me, Lady Anastasia, c/o the Renaissance Herald. (Web Page readers, E-mail Us with your questions.) I welcome questions of all types, from simple, to complex and obscure historical references, from textile and dye choices, to the care and feeding of exotic materials and trims. With the introduction of this Web Page and the reprinting of my articles in the electronic Journal at Theatre Central, I may receive more questions than I have time to reply to. I will do my best to get to you all, but please forgive me if I cannot answer all questions put to me.

I do not claim to be the Ultimate Authority on Historical Attire. We all gain from community input and the sharing or our knowledge. Therefore, I VIGOROUSLY ENCOURAGE INPUT FROM MY READERS - especially if you have a contrary reference to something I have printed, or you have interesting information to add! Although my time for responding to questions is limited, I WILL print all well-documented references from readers that are CONTRARY to my references, and as much reader input as I possibly can.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Stacey Leigh
Renaissance Dancewear
aka Lady Anastasia

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