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Why Choose Renaissance Dancewear?

Our dancewear fits better and is more comfortable.

We are the only company in the US (perhaps the world) that offers dancewear that is designed to fit real people! We cut our dancewear longer in the rise (crotch). Most other dancewear in cut about the same length in the front rise as in the back rise. This is because most dancewear is designed to fit tiny dancers, bless them. However, the rest of us have behinds to be reckoned with, and some of us have tummies, too. Many of us are taller than 5'6" and we have a right to wear tights and leotards that fit!

So, Renaissance Dancewear designed its tights to be long in the front rise and even longer in the back rise, so they won't slip down.

We also cut our dancewear larger in the feet and longer in the inseam, so they fit men's feet and don't pinch at the toe and heel, or pull the waist of the tights down to the hips of the wearer.

You may well ask, "Wouldn't this larger cut cause the dancewear to bag or fit too loosely on some people?" It would if we used the same fabric as other dancewear manufacturers. Most dancewear on the market is made with a relatively low Lycra© content and supplemented with nylon. This means they are less expensive, but they don't stretch very much, and each size doesn't fit a very wide range of people. Our stock dancewear is made with 90% cotton and 10% Lycra©. It stretches 100% in all directions and has excellent memory. (Translation: NO BAGGING, NO SAGGING, GREAT FIT on all body shapes).

Our dancewear is more durable.

Dancewear that has more stretch lasts longer because there is less strain on the seams. However, our cotton/Lycra© dancewear is much more durable than anything else on the market for an additional reason - it is the heaviest weight cotton Lycra© available. It is thick, soft and completely opaque.

Customer service unavailable from any other dancewear company.

We offer professional costume designers the custom services, high quality products, individual attention and the expertise they need.

Renaissance Dancewear is a cross between a custom costume shop and a factory. We base all our design work on three things: our basic dancewear patterns, our expertise in working with stretch fabrics, and our many years of experience working with designers for professional theater.

We can, therefore, offer a very reasonably-priced pattern design service and we can mass produce custom as well as stock designs. And the flexibility of our stock designs provides customers with many design choices, especially when it comes to particolour tights.

We are always ready, willing, and able to answer all our customers' design questions and are happy to help clients put together orders, from simple to complex.

We now offer the convenience of e-mail. Customers may e-mail us questions at their convenience and receive detailed answers within 24 hours. All without long distance charges or phone tag games. All inquiries are answered by a design expert, not an automated program or an untrained computer clerk.

Of course, customers are always welcome to call with their questions during business hours, (10 AM to 5 PM Pacific Time).

We offer a wide variety of specialty fabrics.

Most dancewear manufacturers offer specialty fabrics as fashion items - on a seasonal basis only. Once a style is sold out, its gone. This can make it very difficult for designers to obtain dancewear designs or specialty fabric on a consistent or reliable basis.

Although some of the specialty fabrics we offer are available on a seasonal basis, most are available year 'round. We strive to offer only the highest quality fabrics from the most reliable sources, so that our customers can count on us for a reliable supply of dancewear that will last through the rigors of continuous stage performances.

Some of the specialty stretch fabrics we offer include:

Stretch Velvets Printed Velvets Sparkle Velvets
Nylon Lycra© Nylon Lycra© Print Metallics
Mesh Body Stretch Holographic Prints

If you are a designer, you may request samples of the
fabrics in which you are interested. Click Here to e-mail us.

All products are guaranteed.

If you are unhappy with your retail purchase for any reason, you may return it within 30 days of receipt for repair, exchange or a full refund. Please wash all dancewear which has been worn before returning it. (See return policy in catalogue).

Wholesale purchases may be returned for flaws only. (Please see below for more information on purchasing wholesale from us.)

Other good things to know about us:

We are an environmentally aware company.

  • We use recycled or recyclable products whenever possible. This includes our packaging. Please recycle the packaging you receive from us.
  • We recycle everything that isn't nailed down.
  • We never buy new boxes and we never will. We figure there are already plenty of boxes in the world to fill our needs, so we just spend a little extra time looking for those boxes.
  • We purchase biodegradable packing peanuts, (made of potatoes). If you get a box from us packed with Styrofoam packing peanuts, it is because we got them from someone else and are recycling them to you. Please don't throw them out. Keep them out of our landfills as long as possible by recycling them to someone else.
  • We use low energy and low tech manufacturing processes wherever possible.
We support American workers.
  • We manufacture only in the US.
  • Our workers are all local independent contractors who are adult legal residents of the US.
  • Our workers are well trained and paid a fair wage for the good work they do.
  • We do all in our power to assure that our workers have a safe, comfortable, harassment-free working environment.
  • We do not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, sexual preference, color, or physical handicaps.
Wholesale accounts are available.
  • You may purchase from our wholesale price list if you have a resale license for clothing and are purchasing for the purpose of reselling or renting. Please state the name of your company when requesting a wholesale price list. Wholesale price lists will be sent by Snail Mail only.
  • Wholesale prices apply to stock items only. (Custom design and dye charges are not included in wholesale prices).
  • California companies must provide their resale license number with their first order.
Within California call: (818) 845-5005Toll Free (888) 298-0286
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